Client reviews

Ed Mauger
BFI Southbank (British Film Institute) project manager & Sound technician

The 8000 Series arrays are so successful that I would never go back to the traditional horn-loaded cinema loudspeakers. The most noticeable improvement is the coverage at the front of the theatre, particularly at the sides, with its 120 degrees horns. The sound is very clear in all locations. I would be keen to use this series again wherever there is a wide auditorium and good coverage is needed.

Viktor Panov
CEO at VPT Panov GmbH, Germany

We have had enormous successes when installing the range of 8000 Series by LW Speakers. These untis enable us to fulfill all wishes of German cinema owners. For us, this series is the solution to all problems in movie theaters. The frequency distribution in movie theaters is perfect and with so many installations we never had a failure. An amazingly good value for money, too.

Tamotsu Watanabe
From our Japanese distributor Eizou Kiki System Co. Ltd.

Compared to other brands, I feel that 8000 Series by LW Speakers have a more delicate character. In Japan, we started installing these products 5 years ago when we needed a premium product to bid for bigger cinema complex installations. Our clients, and ourselves, are very satisfied with their sound quality and reliability.

How does Line Array technology work?
The cylindrical wave

Line Array technology is basically an attempt to eliminate the cancellations that inevitably occur between the different transducers that configure a sound equipment. The ultimate goal is to achieve this by making a full sound equipment work as a single speaker.

The concept is based on the study of the directivity and the achievement of the "cylindrical wave", which has the ability to reach all spectators with the same quality and volume, regardless of where they are seated.

Forget about directivity issues!
Forget about poor acoustics!
Forget about dialogs being lost!

In a Line Array system, bass frequencies help each other thanks to the very small distance between them. So the more woofers we install the lower frequencies will the system deliver. On the other hand, high frequencies behave differently: each one will cover only the area they are meant to. This happens when using isophasic horns, a concept that is essential and is basically a horn that makes sure all the waves leaving the high freq. driver will reach the mouth of the horn at the same time.

The isophasic horn concept is essential. It is basically a special horn that makes sure all the waves leaving the high freq. driver will reach the mouth of the horn at the same time. So basically the whole audience listens to the exact same sound at the exact same volume.

  • The directivity is perfectly controlled to achieve the cylindrical wave.
  • Half the distance lost of dB compared to traditional horn-loaded speakers.
  • Extraordinary enhancement of the channel separation effect.
  • Huge improvement of the panoramic effect.

Join hundreds of cinema owners, technicians, integrators and ultimately the audience, who are already experiencing the advantages of our modular 8000 Series line array technology applied to cinema audio.


The 8000 Series range

LW 8105

LW 8105

High power screen medium/treble high power system with Line Array Technology with 6 x 6" medium drivers plus 6 x 1" compression drivers + 6 x isophasic horns.

LW 8201

LW 8201

Long Distance screen high power medium/treble unit with Line Array Technology with 2 x 6" medium drivers plus 2 x 1" compression drivers + 2 x isophasic horns.

LW 8203

LW 8203

Long Distance medium/treble screen high power system with Line Array Technology with 4 x 6" medium drivers plus 4 x 1" compression drivers + 4 x isophasic horns.

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