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1 x 15" Neodymium, AES 500W, 8Ω


1 x 2.84" Neodymium, AES 90W, 16Ω


60º, conical


Maximum SPL Power: 132dB peak (1m)

Frequency response:

42Hz - 22KHz (+/- 3dB)


53.4 x 43.8 x 55 cm.


Net 25 kg.

  • Custom components.
  • Self-powered floor monitor with 1 x 15” LF and 1 x 2.84” HF coaxial driver.
  • Low feedback level.
  • Includes 2 Class D amplifiers of 700W each.
  • Complete internal digital processing (includes 4 userdefinable presets and USB connector for programming, control and updates).
  • Connections hidden and protected against knocks and breaks (Powercon blue (in) and XLR M and H on the right; Powercon white (out) and XLR M and H on the left; multiple monitors can be connected without showing the cables).
  • 3 aerial fixing points for M8 nut. Plate for standard tripod with two holes for 0° and 5° inclination.
  • Manufactured from 18 layers of Finnish birch.
  • Woods used complies with the FSC® program which guarantees the control of production and reforestation.
  • Finished with special Polyurea paint, waterproof and resistant to erosion and degradation.
  • Rugged construction of panels, assembled with tongue and groove technique and subsequent gluing and pressing.
  • Hexagonal punched front screen and high-strength epoxy finish.
  • 5-year limited warranty.
  • Connectors: 2 x Neutrik powercom y 2 XLR macho hembra. Hidden connections and protected against bumps and breaks.
  • Amplification: 2 x 700W @ 8Ω class D amplifiers with complete digital processing
  • Includes four single button user-definable presets:
    - Preset 1: Floor monitor, flat EQ (music)
    - Preset 2: Floor monitor (anti feedback)
    - Preset 3: Full range
    - Preset 4: Set to 100Hz for use with subwoofer

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Some other wedge series  in our range:

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