LW Parq12

LW Parq12

LW Parq12

12" LW7009LF speaker


LW7007HFM compression driver


90º x 40º horn


200W AES/400W Prg. 8 ohm nominal impedance.


99,9dB/1W/1m. Max SPL 120,7dB

Frequency response:

(-10dB) 53Hz at 20.000Hz


43,5 x 34,5 x 60 cm.


10 Kg.

Simplicity, versatility, portability, durability, affordability, ease of stacking and above all this... an incredible sound: in comparison tests, our LW Parq Series has always outperformed several competing brands.

The LW Parq12 is not your typical chinese made box. It is assembled in Spain with the best quality control. And what is also very important, assembled using components that are stored in Spain, and therefore have immediate delivery. It can be used as a PA or as a monitor, and has four M8 female threads for fixed installation brackets.

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