Pro Audio speakers

Following the same knowledge, expertise and work philosophy we applied to our cinema speakers, with our personal commitment to quality, our new PA Maga range is the result of a joint-venture between LW Speakers and the Spanish manufacturer Maga Engineering, a company that shares our same commitment to ultimate quality.

The result is a world-class state-of-the-art range of top quality Pro Audio products, which are included in the best Spanish "raiders". The range was born 10 years ago and has since been distributed in the Spanish market by its manufacturer company. We are now taking over the challenge of distributing the brand worldwide.

To achieve a good result, the most advanced IT technologies help us with the design and the manufacturing of our systems.

  • Ease Focus available
  • included presets
  • ready plug-in equipment
  • user-friendly installation
  • 5-year warranty
  • appropriate response curve for every use
  • surprising SPLs
  • perfect control of every other variables
  • manufactured with the best European components
  • designed with the installers needs in mind
DMC Firewall is developed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd