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Shanghai Sentiment Cinemas

Shanghai Sentiment Cinemas

Shanghai Sentiment Cinemas
Number of screens: 8
City: Shanghai
Country: China

Our distributor in China, Sentiment Hifi, has installed a first complex using our premium LW Speakers range. Located at Nanhui Yu Chau Commercial Plaza in Shanghai, this venue features a total of 8 cinemas.

The biggest theatre, featuring Dolby Atmos®, can accommodate more than 500 spectators. It is equipped with our avant-garde LW 8000 Series, the most technologically advanced system in the cinema sound market, as follows:
- five powerful LW 8005-BI (4x15" + 10x6" + 10x1") for the screen channels
- four LW 6117 (2x21") for the screen subwoofers
- another four of our well-known LW 6115 for the surround subwoofer channels
- sixteen LW 8113 (4x6" + 4x1") as surround speakers
- and twenty units of our coaxial LW 7609 COAXIAL 12" as surround ceiling speakers

This configuration delivers the same timbre at both the screen and surround channels, thus allowing a perfect transition between them.

The other cinemas were equipped with our traditional LW 5205-BI / LW 5205-TRI, a high quality standard, the same LW 6115 subwoofer and our premium series LW 8101 surrounds.

Our friend and Sentiment Hifi owner Daniel Feng declared: "Cinema has never been listened this way. Awesome performance, congratulations!".

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