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Lux Kinos

Lux Kinos

Lux Kinos
Number of screens: 5
City: Frankenthal
Country: Germany

During October, November and December 2014 the firm VPT, our dealer in Germany, introduced and installed many of our new systems series 8000, the Lat2014.

The order included the new 2014 models LW 8001-BI and LW 8003-BI, the new MUK series amplifiers and our LW 8080 cinema processor, as well as our new ceiling surround with coaxial technology, the LW 7607 COAXIAL and LW 7609 COAXIAL and subwoofers LW 6113 and LW 6115.

One of the biggest cinema complex is the 5 screens Lux Kinos in Frankenthal. "Unbelievable improvement!", claims the manager, Katja Stunz.

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