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Dolby Atmos at Saldanha Residence

Dolby Atmos at Saldanha Residence

Dolby Atmos at Saldanha Residence
Number of screens: 1+1
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal

Great Cinema, the exhibition company owned by Francisco Serranito, has opened 2 new cinemas named @Cinema in the Saldanha Residence at Lisbon. The big room is fitted with the first Dolby Atmos installation in Portugal up tp date, and Dolby 7.1 for the small one.

For the Atmos System, we supplied 5 screen channels with LW 2203-BI, 6 subs LW 6009, 34 surrounds for sides and ceiling LW 7209 and 2 rear subwoofers LW 7515 SUB plus 4 amplifiers EK-1000, 4 EK-1500, 1 MK-1204 and 4 MK-2408.

The smaller cinema is fitted with 3 x LW 2203-BI, 2 x LW 6115 and 12 x LW 7207 plus 3 x LW EK1000, 1 x LW EK2000 and 1 x MK-2408 amplifiers. This one is also fitted with our LW ARQ.08 multipurpose speakers.

In the first exhibition days, the projection of the Hobbit has enormously impressed the audience, surrounded them by effects of the highest quality, checked and controled by the Spanish Dolby consultants. Superb!

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