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Dolby Atmos at Odeon Orpington

Dolby Atmos at Odeon Orpington

Dolby Atmos at Odeon Orpington
Number of screens: 7
City: Orpington
Country: UK

Europe's largest cinema group has opened Orpington's first cinema for 34 years. Odeon has trusted us once again for the sound system at their Orpington complex, where they installed the following LW products:

For the large Dolby Atmos room we delivered 5 x LW 5109-BI screen units, 4 x LW 6117 21" subwoofers, 6 x LW 7517 V2 surround subwoofers, 27 x LW 7017HD "high definition" surrounds and 19 x LW 7609 Coaxial coaxial ceiling speakers.

The Dolby 7.1 theatre number 2 features 3 x LW 5109-BI screen units and 2 x LW 6115 subwoofer systems. While the rest of the Dolby 7.1 7 screens include 15 x LW 3103 screen units, 5 x LW 6113 subwoofers and 64 x LW 7209 surround speakers.

The amplification for the whole complex relies too on LW amplifiers MUK Series and EK Series V2. We appreciate that Odeon continues to rely on our systems, and that lately they started trusting our speakers for their lobbies too, using our ARQ our series LW ARQ.06 and LW ARQ.08.

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