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Cineplex Singen

Cineplex Singen

Cineplex Singen
Number of screens: 8
City: Singen
Country: Germany

This modern 8 cinemas complex has recently modified their sound systems and switched to our effective 8000 Series Line Array systems.

Our dealer VPT Panov has installed, according to the size of each room, our modular Line Arrays systems with 2, 4 or 6 units. There include models LW 8101, LW 8103 and LW 8105, as well as our new coaxial surround systems: LW 7607 Coaxial and LW 7609 Coaxial.

All the amplification was also switched to our high performance EK1400V2, MUK420 and MK-2408 amplifiers.

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