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Cineplex Planie Reutlingen

Cineplex Planie Reutlingen

Cineplex Planie Reutlingen
Number of screens: 9
City: Reutlingen
Country: Germany

Back in 2013, the German cinema chain Cineplex formerly installed theatres number 1, 2, 3 and 5 of their Reutlingen complex using our LW 8000 series.

Due to the enthusiasm of the technicians at this company for our LW products, in 2017 Cineplex increased their purchase of LW speakers and amplifiers to complete their theatres 4, 6, 7 and 8. Same as the former 2013 installation, the professional sound technicians at our dealer in Germany VPT Panov are all about quality, and they supplied and installed this equipment.

The material we delivered consisted of LW 8103 screen systems and LW 7603 COAXIALLW 7607 COAXIAL ceiling surround systems.

All units are powered by EK1400V2 and MUK430 multichannel amplifiers, together with our best seller LW-8080 DSP PROCESSOR.

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