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Cinema City Netanya

Cinema City Netanya

Cinema City Netanya
Number of screens: 10
City: Netanya
Country: Israel

A new Cinema City was recently opened in Netanya. The new cinema complex includes 1500 sqm of underground levels, 4000 sqm of commercial area on the ground level and the cinemas on level 1. The installation will include 10 theaters - 7 regular rooms, 2 VIP rooms and a large theater to host special events.

This well known cinema chain in Israel has equipped 3 theaters in their new complex using LW 8003-BI from our Line Array series. The 2 VIP cinemas were equipped with models from our VIP specialized brand, using Aurea 15 screen systems for both rooms.

Cinema City are very happy with the sound quality and have extended their congratulations personally. Big thanks to our Israeli distributor and integrator Miller & Son.

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