LW 7517 V2 SUB

LW 7517 V2 SUB

1 x 15" Speaker with 4" voice coil


700W AES/1400W Prg. 8 ohm. Nominal Impedance 8 ohm.


98dB/1W/1m. Half Space
SPL 126,5dB - SPL 129,5dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

(-10dB) from 30Hz.


62,5 x 51,0 x 39,3 (24,0) cm.


Net 27 kg.

Because of the improved sound quality at cinemas it is very common nowadays to fit the surround channel with subwoofers, not only for Immmersive Systems, but also for good 5.1 and 7.1 installations.

Our line of subs for this application has a similar shape and size than a usual surround speakers system, see picture of our LW 7513 or LW 7515 SUB for reference.

The LW 7517 V2 SUB loves big cinemas, delivering powerful and deep subwoofer frequencies for the surround channel.

As every LW Speakers model, the unit is painted with the strongest possible finishing: the polyurea, and includes a tilt wall support and a fabric front in black.

To save labour costs, this unit is delivered pre-assembled and packaged in one carton.

Product size diagram

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