LW 7515 SUB

LW 7515 SUB

1 x 15" speaker with 3" voice coil


400W AES/800W Prg. Nominal Impedance 8 ohm.


Sens 98 dB/1W/1m. free field
SPL 124dB
SPL 127dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

(-10dB) 45Hz. Cut at 90/100 Hz.


62,5 x 51,0 x 39,3 (24,0) cm.


20,5 Kg.

One of the most important existing 3D sound systems, the Dolby Atmos (property of Dolby Laboratories), needed to install surround subwoofer units at the back wall of their cinemas.

This was our proposal for this application in medium cinemas: a 15" 400W subwoofer with surround-speaker-looks and its own wall support.

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