LW 6117

LW 6117

2 x 21" speaker with 4" voice coil


2800W AES/ 5600W Prg. Nominal impedance 4 ohm.


101,5dB/1W/1m. Half space
SPL 136dB.
SPL 139dB with music criteria 1 m.

Frequency response:

(-10 dB) from 24 Hz.


140 x 88 x 59 cm.


110 Kg.

With the digital cinema in mind, we introduce the BEST YOU CAN IMAGINE. This superb and unique-in-the-cinema-world subwoofer system with two 21" loudspeakers, is an evolution of our well known LW 6017.

To be used in any kind of installation of the highest quality. Because of its great power, this system can be used in any size screens and any quality requirements.

Recommended for really big cinemas working with really big amplifiers to "feel" the subwoofer channel. The system is delivered fully assembled in one cartoon to save labour costs.

Product size diagram

This item can be used for:

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