LW 955-BI

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LW 955-BI

LW 955-BI

4 x 15" speaker with 3" voice coil


1 x 2" driver with 4" voice coil


Big 90ºx40º constant coverage bi-radial LW953HFD with aiming device.


100+850+850W AES/200+1700+1700W Prg. Nominal impedance 8 + 4 + 4 ohm


LF unit:
Sens 104dB/1W/1m. Half space
SPL 136,3dB
SPL 139,3dB with musical criteria 

HF unit:
Sens 112dB/1W/1m. Free field
SPL 132dB
SPL 135dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

25 Hz. - 20.000 Hz. Use a 500 Hz. crossover for bi-amp mode.


285 x 77 x 94 cm.


133 Kg.

Another classic of the golden age of the cinema business. Superb 2 way screen system with 4 x 15", approved treble unit driver of 4" and big bi-radial horn. Almost 2000 W. of power.

The standard of the cinema industry for many years, for really big cinemas with big amplifiers. This system is delivered preassembled in three cartons to save installation labor costs.

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