LW 953-BI

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LW 953-BI

LW 953-BI

2 x 15" speaker with 3" voice coil


1 x 2" driver with 4" voice coil


90º x 40º big constant coverage bi-radial horn LW2005HFD with aiming device.


100/850W AES-200/1700W Prg. Nominal impedance HF 8 ohm. LF 4 ohm.


LF unit:
Sens 101dB/1W/1m. Half space - SPL 130,3dB - SPL 133,3dB with musical criteria

HF unit:
Sens 111dB/1W/1m. Free field - SPL 132dB - SPL 135dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

25Hz.-20.000Hz. Use a 500 Hz. for biamp


184 x 77 x 94 cm.


78 Kg.

The classic highest quality system of the golden age of cinema business. THX Approved. 2 x 15" with a 4" treble unit driver with the biggest constant coverage bi-radial horn. Almost 1000 W.

The standard in the cinema industry for many years, it is manufactured for bi-amp. This system is delivered preassembled in two cartons to save installation labor costs.

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