LW 3005 / LW3005-BI

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LW 3005 / LW3005-BI

LW 3005 / LW3005-BI

2 x 15" speaker with 3" voice coil


1 x 1" driver with 2,87" voice coil


90º x 40º flat front constant directivity polyester horn LW3001HFD with pan/tilt adjustment


3005 (890W AES/1780W Prg). Nominal impedance 4 ohm.
3005-BI (90/800W AES/180/1600W Prg.) Nominal impedance 8+4 ohm.


Sens 99,5dB/1W/1m. Half space
SPL 129dB
SPL 132dB with music criteria at 1 m. 

LW3005BI Bass unit:
Sens 101dB/1W/1m. Half space
SPL 130dB

LW3005BI Treble unit:
Sens 110dB/1W/1m. Free field
SPL 128,5dB

Frequency response:

(-10dB) 38/20.000Hz. Use 800 to 1200 Hz. crossover for bi-amp.


145,1 x 66 x 47 cm.


Net 66 kg.

Increasing the power of the bass unit of our well know LW 3103 for some Atmos needs, we are introducing our new LW 3005, with a polyester 90º x 40º big horn for acoustic walls. It is also fitted with our SCD (screen compensation device) and our "Virtual Three Way Tech", thus eliminating the "comb filter" between both of the 15" bass units.

This two way passive screen system, or for biamp, works as a three way, delivering a superb response with very small equalization needs. Listen, and then decide!

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