LW 2000

Some other 2000 series  in our range:

LW 2000

LW 2000

2 x 15" speaker with 2,5" voice coil


1 x 1" driver with 1" voice coil


Flat front 90ºx40º LW2001HFD


2000(770 AES/1540 Prg.) Nominal Impedance 4 ohm.
2000-BI (70+700W AES/140+1400W Prg.) Nominal Impedance 4+8 ohm.


97,3dB/1W/1m. Half Space
SPL 126,2dB.
SPL 129,2dB with music criteria

Frequency response:

(-10dB) 38 Hz.-20.000 Hz.


126,1 x 68 x 47 cm.


Net 53 kg.


We recommend using LW 2101 instead

A new version of our well known LW 2001, with enhanced bass and treble sections. It is a two way screen system with inside crossover.

2x15" bass speaker and a new PM4 1,75" voice coil driver. This is the basic model of our 2000 Series range. Its 1,75" drive is fitted inside the enclosure.

To save labour costs, it is delivered pre assembled in one carton.

Product size diagram

Some other 2000 series  in our range:

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