LW 8203

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LW 8203

LW 8203

4 x 6" speakers with 1,46" voice coil


4 x 1" driver with 1" voice coil


4 x Isophasic ABS horns, 180º x 12º each. With pan/tilt adjustment.


620W AES/1240W Prg. 8 ohm.


98,7dB/1W/1m. Free field
SPL 127,1dB - SPL 129dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

60/22.000 Hz.


71 x 38 x 34 cm.


Net 39.5 kg.

The 8200 units explore more applications using the modular character of the LW 8000 series.

The LW 8203 is a reinforcement screen system to be located OVER some LW 8103 or LW 8105 when the acoustic pressure of the medium/treble frequencies is not enough to reach the last rows of seats or balconies. We could use one unit per balcony, if we have more than one, or two, or three. This means it is meant for very long cinemas.

Of course an additional amplifier is needed for this application. And of course this amplifier will work at a higher pressure level than the amplifier unit working with the LW 8000 unit below.

The LW 8203 is a passive system, delivers good medium and treble frequencies and includes an internal crossover processor. The support to be added to the below cabinet is delivered.

As every LW Speakers model, the unit is painted with the strongest possible finishing: the polyurea.

To save labour costs, this unit is delivered pre-assembled and packaged in one carton.

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