LW 8101

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LW 8101

LW 8101

2 x 6" speaker with 1,46" voice coil


2 x 1" driver with 1" voice coil


2 x isophasic ABS horns, 180º x 12º each. With pan/tilt adjustment.


310W AES/620W Prg. 4 ohm.


Sens. 95dB 1W/1m. Free field

SPL 120dB

SPL 123dB with musical criteria

Frequency response:

60/22.000 Hz.


43,7 x 39 x 41 cm.


Net 20 kg.

Continuing with the modular character of the LW 8000 Series, what to do if your bass section is in good condition but the treble frequencies must be removed because the cinema has problems with reverberation or intelligibility? Our suggestion is to install this LW 8101 unit OVER your bass unit.

Better panoramic effect between the three screen channels and same acoustic pressure delivered to every seat of your cinema. Perfect intelligibility for dialogs, this model is the solution for the poor passive acoustics found at many cinemas.

Yes, Line Array Technology applied to Cinema Sound works, combining professional compression drivers (not ribbon units, please!) with true isophasic horns to achieve an extreme -3dB coverage throughout the whole audience area.

This LW 8101 passive system delivers good medium and treble frequencies for cinemas up to 15m length and includes an internal crossover/processor for the Line Array unit, which includes our SCD (projection screen compensation device).

If you have a cinema with a wide angle of seats, the extreme right and left chairs will never understand the dialogues if you have not installed a Line Array device with 180º of horizontal directivity.

The quality is superb when working with the LW-8080 DSP PROCESSOR, our speaker processor/management having the presets of every model. Thus, you decide what kind of LW subwoofers and LW surrounds you are going to install, if needed.

To preserve the "TIMBRE" of the complete installation, why not use the LW 8000 Series surrounds?

As all of the LW Speakers, the unit is painted in the strongest existing painting system: the polyurea.

To save labour costs, it is delivered pre-assembled and packaged in one carton.

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