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The LW 8000 Series is already achieving great results

26 August, 2015 Categories: Installations

It has been almost one year since we launched our Line Array technology LW 8000 Series to the market. And results could not be better, having surpassed both our performance and sales expectations.

Therefore, we are constantly improving the series, adding new options in configurations and better components. And we are doing so based on this year's experience with some of our most important customers, two of which we wanted you to know about. Please keep reading...


The cinemas in Germany

Germany is emerging as a major market for our 8000 Series. The demanding German public appreciates experiencing the quality delivered by these systems, which make use of the Line Array technology applied to cinema audio and have huge advantages as we explained here.

Our dealer VPT is having great success in their country by demonstrating the perfect adaptation of these systems to cinema soundtracks, achieving a perfect channel separation and a smaller drop in dB over long distances. Full multiplexes have been installed at Alzey, Darmstadt, Frankenthal, Friedrichshafen, Hoppstädten, Kandren, Munich, Reutlingen and Singen, with more openings to come soon.


Italy loves the 8000 Series

Not only does this Series provide a high quality sound as mentioned above, but it has also solved some serious problems of intelligibility due to poor acoustic conditions at some venues.

We are specially proud of the recent installation by our italian customer Paolo Veronese of a single LW 8103 -four modules- to solve the terrible problem of dialog understanding that could be found at the Cinema Centrale Leffe (Bergamo, IT). The characteristic of this cinema has always been its domed ceiling, but it also meant its worse sound nightmare. Not anymore: placing this new unit in the correct location completely fixed the problem: now the dialogues can be perfectly are understood!

Veronese was also able to fix another common problem experienced in theaters: the great difference in distance to the screen between the seats in the first row of the main level and the last row of the balcony. In this case at the Cineteatro Gavazzeni in Seriate (Bergamo, IT), due to the smaller drop in dB of the 8000 Series systems, the spectators in the first row and those in the last one are now subject to a similar sound pressure.

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