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Our team visits two iconic cinemas in the UK: Odeon Milton Keynes and The Odyssey St. Albans

26 November, 2015 Categories: Installations

Some days ago, part of our executive and production team paid a visit to two iconic installations in the UK featuring LW Speakers and amplifiers: The Odeon multiplex at Milton Keynes, and the The Odyssey at St. Albans.

These two landmarks are indeed opposite, representing two different approaches of cinema architecture: while the Odeon is a multiplex installation with 10 screens, recently built inside a big shopping area in the outskirts, The Odyssey is an fabulous art deco single cinema built some decades ago in the heart of St. Albans main street. Here is the story.


Dolby Atmos at Odeon Stadium Cinema - (see installation)

The day started at Milton Keynes, were consultant and project manager Paul Schofield arranged a very nice visit to the Odeon complex. The Dolby Atmos screen was the first room of the day, where the team had the chance to experience and test the outstanding sound delivered by the LuisWaSSmann equipment installed.

These include LW 5205-BI, LW 5201-BILW 3103, LW 6115LW 6113, LW 7209, LW 7517 V2 SUB and our proscenius surrounds, LW LAT 7503 and LW LAT 7505. All these systems are managed by our LW 8080 processor and amplified with our new MUK Series, EK Series V2 and MK Series amplifiers.


The Odyssey Cinema - (see installation)

After a short trip by car, and the opportunity to have a closer look at the famous M1 traffic jams, the team arrived at St. Albans, where the renowned technician Ed Mauger (and a fan of LW products, we must say), arranged a very close and personal visit to The Odyssey.

Ed was in charge of the installation of this art deco masterpiece, known as The Odyssey, where he used a set of 3 x LW 5111 screen systems (the biggest unit of our range), 4 x LW 6117 subwoofer systems (2x21" each) and 48 x LW 7205 surround systems.

The team had the opportunity of walking into the baffle wall behind the screen, where Ed explained every little detail of the equipment and its performance. After that, a private trailer screening was offered to our team, who where really impressed by the quality of the sound that Ed had achieved using the correct LW products for each specific use.

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