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Our brand expands in Portugal in technical collaboration with Dolby International and Cinemas NOS

27 January, 2016 Categories: Installations

 Our brand expands in Portugal in technical collaboration with Dolby International and Cinemas NOS

We were already known for adapting our products to Dolby Atmos, so we worked closely with the technicians at Dolby International to supply the 6 Atmos complete sound equipment that where to be installed at Cinemas NOS in Portugal.

The multiplex owners Cinemas NOS immediately accepted the bid given the fact that they had just installed six other complete Dolby Atmos theatres with LW Speakers at Talatona Cinemas, in Luanda, Angola, so they where keen to keep using our products.

The client requested on-time delivery in order to release Star Wars on a specific date, which meant a tight timing and yet another challenge to our production line.

Given the easy installation of our surround speakers, which enabled the cinema to stay opened during the whole renovation, we can proudly say every cinema opened on time and Star Wars was released.

So, now that the challenge was on the table, our technical team was briefed on the requirements on the installation. Each room had specific needs in terms of equipment given its size, and most importantly, the existence of a former set of LW Speakers which were going to be kept as they were.

Fortunately, we are proud to say that none of these former LW Speakers had to be changed or repaired after several years in service. We are also extremely proud because our brand’s performance indeed reaches its expected levels according to the simulations stated in the Dolby Atmos Room Design Tool (DARDT).

The theaters installed, and already operating, are located in major multiplexes in Portugal such as the 14 cinemas at Almada Forum in Lisbon, the 2 Dolby Atmos screens at Braga Park, 9 cinemas at Braga, 8 screens at Norteshopping in Oporto, 12 theaters at Parque Nascente in Oporto and 6 screens at Vasco de Gama in Lisbon.

We delivered the equipment according to each cinema needs, which included:

Each one of these systems had been fitted with our multichannel MUK Series amplifiers, models MUK430 and MUK440.

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