About LW Speakers.

The origins

Our founder, Mr. Luis Wassmann, is a reference in the cinema business after 40 years working in the industry.

He began in the early eighties manufacturing the Multikino 35mm cinema projectors at his family company. He managed to deliver a great product at a low cost, so the Multikino series was a huge success worldwide for medium-small cinemas.

First steps

In the early 90s when the Dolby® system was brought to cinemas, and cinema owners started investing not only in their image, but also in their sound equipment, he diversified his business by creating a new brand of cinema speakers that would complete the package of projection and sound for every cinema size. During this time he made a name in the business and some long lasting customers, some of which are still active today.

Starting point

When the digital cinema was invented, and analog 35mm projectors became a thing of the past, Mr. Luis decided to invest everything he had in a spin-off company that would only manufacture his cinema speakers range. This was around 2004, and after some slow start, the company was finally established in 2006.

Becoming technology-driven

At this stage, the company launched the brand LuisWaSSmann with some early products technologically based on his previous speaker brand models. Eventually this brand evolved into LW Speakers, together with a huge step up in the technology, production and sales figures. Today, it is a world-class range of cinema speakers, with a personal commitment to honor the industry and to deliver a top class product, while enjoying the whole process.

Worldwide presence

Since 2014, and helped by coaxial and Line Array technologies, we are working for the high standards of the digital cinema.

Thus we launched our state-of-the-art modular LW 8000 Series range, designed for medium-big cinema complexes, Dolby® Atmos / Barco Auro installations and acoustically challenging venues.

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